Property Management

We take care of your property.
Our service: Property Management

The focus of our activities within the Property Management lies on the close inspection of the properties.

Our commercial Property Management includes activities such as:

  • Fiduciary owner representation to tenants, authorities etc.
  • Inventory and contract management incl. rent adjustments
  • Property accounting (according to HGB, IFRS, Lux-GAAP)
  • Rent collection
  • Operating expense reports

  • Handing over premises
  • Residential properties management

Our Technical Property Management includes services such as:

  • Ensuring ongoing operation
  • Identifying the need of maintenance, repairs and modernization
  • Tendering and contracting measures
  • Tendering and contracting technical and infrastructural services
  • Monitoring schedules, costs and quality

Project examples

Scharnhorststraße, Berlin

Marienstraße, Berlin

Marienstraße, Berlin

Jungfernstieg, Hamburg

Schlüterstraße, Hamburg

Kloster St. Johannis, Hamburg